We knew it wasn't much in terms of security, so unlocking Windows Phone 7 to "developer mode" to enable is now a done deal.

What this means for the community is now you can install unapproved applications onto your device, such as apps that modify the UI or access lower level functionality like the phone. The first recent example of such software was this augmented reality app that accessed the camera API.

Of course we still need an alternative Martketplace to distribute said software, much like Apple's Cydia. We imagine that this won't take too long, leading to rapid growth in the home-brew community for Windows Phone 7.

The unlocker, called ChevronWP7, was completed by Rafael, Chris Walsh and Long Zheng, with the latter two becoming household names by now. To enable the unlocked, developer mode, you simple download the file, connect your phone to your computer and run the installation.  Seems easy enough and we're told there's no risk.

Couple of tips:

  • You may have to install the registry file on ChevronWP7.com, we did
  • Make sure the lock screen is not on when you try or you'll get an error
  • Yes, you an re-lock the device if you want to

Source: ChevronWP7; via Addictive Tips; Thanks, Ali W., for the tip!