Windows Phone 7 made a public appearance last week at a gadget show hosted by Microsoft set up a booth and walked patrons through a demo of the software and gave everyone a little hands-on time with the phone.

Asides from the person trying to swallow his soda can around the 6:58 mark, the reactions were mostly positive about the Windows Phone. Everyone approach for their impressions were either an Android or iPhone user and "Really impressed", "Seems pretty cool" and "I liked it" were amongst the comments.

Two standout remarks were from Android users. The first "I was very surprised. I expected nothing good to come from Windows Phone 7. I'm an Android phone user and it was impressive enough that I might consider getting a Windows Phone 7." The second, "It was cool until we found out it didn't multi-task".

Hopefully these live demos will continue to give consumers a better picture of what to expect from Microsoft's new Windows Phone. It appears that most at the event found Windows Phone 7 interesting.  Just not interesting enough to pull them away from their iPhones and Android phones.

Still, the positive comments is a good indication that Microsoft is headed in the right direction and gives us Windows Phone users a little hope.