Quartely statistics from ComScore indicate Windows Phone 7 may not be giving Microsoft much of a boost in the mobile market. Comparing Smartphone Subscriber Shares for a three month period ending in October 2010 to the three month period ending in January 2011, Microsoft lost 1.7% of the market.

Comscore reports that 65.8 million people in the U.S. own smartphones, up 8 percent from the last quarter. Android moved to the top of the list at 31.2% of the market and RIM experienced the largest decline (-5.4%) moving them into the second slot. Apple held steady in third place with 24.7% of the market with Palm wrapping up things up with 3.2%.

While Microsoft went from 9.7% of the market to 8%, this decline may reflect, in part, the number of consumers moving from Windows Mobile to another OS prior to the release of Windows Phone 7.  Sprint and Verizon customers weren't involved in the initial launch of Windows Phone 7 and may have opted for another smartphone to tide them over.

Regardless, while Windows Phone 7 wasn't intended to be a silver bullet, the decline doesn't help build momentum with the new OS. It will be more telling to see how these numbers compare to the three month period ending in March 2011 after WP7 gets the NoDo update as well as Sprint and Verizon joins the fold.

Source: Comscore Via: ZDNet