The other day, Microsoft held and hour long video-chat on Windows Phone 7 and photography.

Not a whole 'lotta interesting info was gleaned, though it's still worth a watch for your diehards.

Video recording had a brief focus at the beginning where it was noted VGA recording is the minimum but OEMs can boost that up to HD and the device can handle it with no problem.

There seems to be some confusion over this last part at MobileTech World (who did a nice summary) where it was implied that it could record HD but not play it back. In fact, the question was convoluted: it assumed you had HD content from your DSLR camera and wanted to transfer it to your Phone--this is done through the Zune software. But if the phone has an HD camera, it can record and playback content with  no problem.

Other aspects covered were:

  • no touch focus (use hardware button); no face detection
  • no in-depth video editing e.g. red-eye correction; MS is relying on 3rd parties to fill that gap
  • Automatic syncing/resizing to Facebook, SkyDrive (25GB free space) and Live services
  • Full size for emailing
  • GPS tagging supported
  • no HDMI out in the chassis spec
  • 5MP in minimum; emphasis on quality sensors/hardware

You can watch the whole video here if you're really bored.

[Microsoft via MobileTech World]