File this under rumor, folks, but one that is as likely as anything else, we suppose.

According to Neowin, tomorrow Microsoft will have two major announcements, in addition to the demonstration of Windows Phone 7.5 aka 'Mango'.

  1. The 'Mango' SDK beta will be released/distributed starting tomorrow; because at MIX11 they said "May" on the release, we're near 100% that's true
  2. Windows Phone 7.5 OS is actually finished and is being Released to Manufacturers (RTM) tomorrow, with carriers getting approval over the summer and an attempted universal release to customers for September-ish

That's right, WP7.5 tomorrow will supposedly be the finished, locked and loaded version.

Any truth to it?

Well, we can see them pulling a stunt like this as it'd be very good press, on the other hand, at least according to TechRadar in an interview with Joe Marini (he's in charge of IE on Windows Phone), IE9 mobile is code-complete, but it still needs to be debugged and performance-tuned.  Call us crazy, but that doesn't sound like RTM status to our ears.

So instead of Windows Phone 7.5 being RTM status tomorrow, perhaps it's something similar: it's code complete. That means it's finished, features are locked in and it's basically baked. But, they still need to clean it up, add some polish and remove and bugs left before they RTM-it, which still could be a few months away. That still gives Microsoft some wiggle room and we'll see in a few short hours exactly what their plans are.

Source: NeoWin, TechRadar