Windows Phone 7.8

Microsoft has posted the change log for the Windows Phone 7.10.8858.136, otherwise known as the Windows Phone 7.8 update.

While the hardware of our old Windows Phone 7.5 devices couldn't support a full-blown update to Windows Phone 8, the 7.8 update offers us a few performance tweaks but mostly cosmetic changes. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.

The change log is as follows.

  • Start Screen: Provides resizable Live Tiles (small, medium, large) to provide for more customization options for your Start Screen.
  • Accent Colors: Increases the number of available accent or theme colors to twenty.
  • Lock Screen: Improves the lock screen performance with accidental wipe protection and rotating wallpapers provided through the Bing image of the day.
  • Marketplace and Xbox: Expands Windows Phone Marketplace and Xbox support to new countries and regions.
  • Fonts: Enhances the Chinese font and improves the appearance of Arabic and other languages.

Microsoft also notes that the 7.8 update includes many "other improvements" to Windows Phone in the change log.

The Windows Phone 7.8 update continues to roll out but may not be available yet in all markets or for all phones. You can always try to force the update, install the .cab files manually or even try a home grown updater tool to see if you can update your Windows Phone 7.5 device sooner than later.

Source: Windows Phone