Music Player Controls

We know that Microsoft is listening to users, as feature after feature consumers want eventually do show up in the OS. We think we have found another one focused on the Music player controls.

The complaint: once you start playing a tune in Windows Phone, the Player controls permanently stay on the Lock screen, even if the music is not playing any more.

Yes, some of you may be thinking ‘who cares?’ but we can assure you, many people find it annoying. In fact, there are third party apps in the Windows Phone Store to address this very issue with the most prominent being ‘Stop the Music!’. And we agree, there should be something more elegant than the current method.

In a seemingly innocuous hands-on video with the Lumia 920, we see the music controls come on the Lock screen. They look exactly the same, so no news there.  But if you notice after the Lock screen is powered on, the music player controls now disappear/recede after 3 seconds instead of permanently staying visible. The magic happens at 0:55 and again at 1:06.

Sure, it’s not a ground breaking new “feature” but it’s these little, nuanced fixes and changes that will make Windows Phone 8 a much better experience for users. It also shows once again that Microsoft is listening to users, even on seemingly the “little” things that are bothering people.

Video Source: TheHelpChannel1; Thanks, Tony, for the heads up!