Sprint WP8

Over two years ago Sprint and Verizon were absent at the Windows Phone 7 launch. Since then the Windows Phone story hasn’t been too positive for folks of the red and yellow carriers hoping to get in on some Live Tile action. Since then Microsoft has had two major OS launches, the first for Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) and the most recent for Windows Phone 8. While Verizon customers didn’t get any new hardware with Mango, they did pick up a handful of devices for Windows Phone 8. That means Sprint has been without any new Windows Phone hardware since they launched the HTC Arrive back in March 2011. Looks like Sprint is about to jump back into the game.

Windows Phone 8 coming soon to Sprint


In the support section of the Sprint website is a page called Learn more about Windows Phone 8 that simply says Windows Phone 8 is coming soon!

That is it, no other official word from Sprint. But is it possible there may be a CES 2013 surprise announcement? Not likely, but possible. Sprint has always been lukewarm at best towards Windows Phone. It was about a year ago that the struggling carrier went on record with their disappointment in the platform, despite glowing reviews from customers with the Arrive.

History aside, about a month and a half ago a Sprint spokesperson said they are working on a device with Microsoft to bring Windows Phone 8 to their customers, but not until sometime in the first half of 2013.

That’s why I would be blindsided if a device was shown off at CES in a few days, maybe an announcement, but to actually hold and see the hardware is a longshot I think. I’d love to be proven wrong for everyone holding onto their Arrives awaiting Windows Phone 8. You can be sure we’ll let you know of any developments over the next few days.

Source: Sprint Support Via: WP Daily