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Although web browser IDs can be easily faked, these data strings from DSLReport's mobile site look fairly legit, if only because they don't push the boundaries too far. According to WMPU, a few instances of Windows Phone 8 OS (aka "Apollo") have been caught doing some download tests on both T-Mobile and Verizon, with the later using LTE.

The names "Nokia Fluid" and "Qualcomm Fluid" are used as device IDs with Internet Explorer 10 caught as the browser in question doing the test. No details are currently known about that device though it's safe to presume it'll be a killer "premier" phone to kick of the new OS, assuming the info is accurate. And that's a big "if".

Nokia Fluid

Along the same lines, WMPU notes that their server logs have showed numerous device resolutions showing up that have WP8 as their ID. Those two resolutions include 768×768 and 480×480 which are ideal options for BlackBerry messenger phones.

On WPCentral, we too have had some Windows Phone 8 visits (56 unique to be exact) and like WMPU we see similar info, listed below:

WP Central

  • 768x768 Resolution
  • 24-bit
  • Domains: Comcast.net,  http://Microsoft.com, unknown.unkown, Quest.net
  • Browser 1 x IE9; 55 x IE10
  • Flash Version: Not set
  • Cities visited from: Redmond, Bellevue, Seattle, Woodinville

That should wet your appetites a tad although it still leaves a lot of questions including higher resolutions on the table. Also the fact we haven't seen a 480x800 browser test with Windows Phone 8 despite earlier reports is a bit telling and worrying. Though perhaps it's still too early..

Like our earlier report on a Windows Phone 8 OS sighting, these could all be from software emulators.

Source: Google Analytics, DSLReports; via WMPU