Some images of what looks to be a never-before-seen Windows Phone have been spotted in some marketing images for Microsoft. The device looks Zune HD-esque with a chrome border, sharp corners and a rectangle like shape. The device even has the Windows Phone 8 flag logo near the button.

So the question is, what is it?

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Some speculation by people have suggested it’s the alleged Surface Phone designed in-house by Microsoft though as much as we would like to believe that, we find it implausible. The notion that a super top-secret project would find its way on to a commercial photo shoot just seems highly unlikely—like impossible.

Instead, we’re leaning on the notion that this is a “generic” mockup phone used to convey Windows Phone without endorsing a specific OEM i.e. playing favorites. We see this all the time in Windows Phone ads and web placement where there is a render of a phone that does not exist—it’s not a leak but rather done for marketing purposes. The idea of taking that idea and going one step further with a physical device (or even a PhotoShopped one) is not too far fetched.

Still, if Microsoft were to make a phone, such a design, as seen above wouldn’t be too bad. But our hunch tells us whatever the Surface phone is, it’s radically different than what is found in these images.

Source: Microsoft 1, 2; via WMPU

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