We were just sent this photo a few minutes ago from site reader Mark H. who was frequenting his local AT&T store. The update appeared on not just one phone but a few of them...

“I'm in an AT&T store (looking for wireless charging pods), and caught this on two of their Nokia's, one 820 (this pic) and one 920. My phone says I am up to date at 9903.”

The question is, is this for commercial phones or is that a special demo OS for in-store devices? By that we mean some in-store phones in the past have shown a mini-movie of the OS in action as well as other things to demonstrate the software. That could be the case here with those phones needing a patch of some sorts.

Current commercial phones have Windows Phone 8 9903 on them, so this update to 9905 would represent a minor but still significant change.

We just checked our phones and like the tipster we have no update waiting. Neither have we heard from Nokia or Microsoft about an impending OS change, so we’re chalking this up to just an AT&T-Store thing. But hey, we’ll be excited if it is something else and we will gladly eat crow.

Update: We can now confirm from an AT&T employee that this is a Demo OS update

"All this update does is add "device alive" which is at&t's demo loop on all the phones.  It's that video that plays over and over show a device's features and capabilities."

(Thanks Danny for the heads up)