Windows Phone 8 has been launched and so its time we found out who gets what and how much its going to cost.

During the event last night they advised us that we’d be able to get out hands on the devices from next week. We have a rundown of who’s going to have what. Read on to find out more.

We previously took a look at when the devices will start shipping, so here's the pricey part. The good news is that between the various outlets in the UK we’re well served for most of the popular handsets, here’s how it shakes out:


Three UK

  • HTC 8X – from £30 + £29 per month
  • HTC 8S – *Details coming soon*

Vodafone UK

Will be stocking Lumia 820, 8X and 8S but no pricing details shared just yet

Phones 4u

  • Lumia 920 – From £19.99 plus £46 per month
  • Lumia 820 – From free + £31 per month
  • HTC 8X – From free plus £31.00 per month
  • HTC 8S – From free plus £20.50 per month
  • SAMSUNG ATIV S From free plus £36 per month

Carphone Warehouse

The retailer is said to be stocking the Lumia 820, HTC 8X and the HTC 8S but no pricing was announced during the event. As of time of writing there is no new information listed on their website either.

Carrier availability looks to be strong here in the UK and its good to see adoption of the ATIV S from Samsung which has so far been rather elusive in terms of hard news.

We’d like to know what you think of pricing and availability here in the UK, what network and phone do you fancy the most. Please tell us in the comments below.