Ever since we posted the ‘all about’ Windows Phone Preview for Developers Program this week, we’ve been flooded with tips with many false positives. For instance, if you were not on build 10521 of Windows Phone 8, well, you got it after installing the Preview for Developers. No worries, nothing is new as it is just device/carrier specific fixes.

So when is the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers going live? It’s not today. It’s not tomorrow and it’s not this weekend. So you can probably stop hammering Microsoft’s servers with update inquiries.

Evidently, many of you are anxious because Microsoft lead Joe Belfiore took to the Twitters to calm the masses.

In a Tweet just sent out, Belfiore says this:

“Yowza, you're going nuts 4 #WP8.1 dev preview.  Everyone relax thru weekend, check in early next week.  Enjoy Win8.1 update, write apps!  :)”

The noteworthy part is the “check in early next week”, which strongly hints that the Preview will go live sometime in the next five days. Microsoft has claimed the first half of April before, so that’s just keeping in line with previous statements.

Regardless, you can stop checking for updates every five minutes now. Go outside. Enjoy the sun. Pet a cat. Have a coffee. Or do as Joe says, and code an app.

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Source: @JoeBelfiore