Here’s one feature we knew was coming for Windows Phone 8.1, but wasn’t quite ready a few weeks ago: device enumeration in reviews.

Yup, numerous reports have come in confirming that under app and game reviews, individual posts will not only show the user’s name (if registered) but their exact Windows Phone make and model used for the review. That’s important for context when reading a analysis by someone. For instance, if customer rates a game’s performance as “excellent with smooth graphics” it makes a difference if they’re on a Lumia 520 versus a Lumia 1520. Not only that, if an app developer sees negative reviews only from HTC 8X users, they may very well conclude there is something going on with their app that needs fixing.

Some other information included in the Store includes the date of the review and the version number of the app or game for that review. Once again, this helps give context to the app evaluation for others to see. If a person rated an app 2 stars (out of 5) for version 1.2 but version 2.0 is out, then you may want to dismiss that assessment (and give it the old ‘not helpful’ vote, which is also new in 8.1).

Although Windows Phone 8.1 has some divisive issues like Cortana availability, the Store so far has been nearly universally praised. These refinements to reviews helps make the Store more useful and powerful, so we’re glad to see the improvements.

Thanks, Omar A., Pranjai R., and Priyam T., for the tips!