Windows Phone 8X available on Bell Mobility

Bell Mobility Canada have made their intentions known to stock the colourful Windows Phone 8 flavoured HTC 8X for use on their LTE capable network.

Bell who claim to be Canada’s largest LTE network seem keen on the HTC 8X giving the device a comprehensive set of pages all to itself. They will be kind enough to supply a device on contract for as little as $49.95.

The Bell Canada store was extremely curious to know in what region I was located but still managed to get the site to cough up some details on the deal on the HTC 8X. We previously reported on Future Shop listing the ATIV S on contract and the deal is much the same here, you’ll need to sign your life away on a three year deal to grab the phone at this low price.

The HTC 8X is a top tier phone and has comparable specifications to the Lumia 920 and ATIV S for the most part. While the Lumia 920 has been rare or locked into exclusives the 8X has proved a popular choice for early adopters in this first round of Windows Phone 8 hardware.

The Bell website allows you start building your own unique deal from around $50.00 and if you don’t want to be tied in then you can buy the handset for $599.95. Aside from the three year lock in the prices for airtime seem roughly in line with other deals we have seen for the 8X.

Source: Bell Mobility; thanks, Shane, for the tip!