Windows Phone Store

Microsoft will begin the process of migrating app developers who have accounts for the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store to the new Dev Center dashboard next week. When that is completed, developers will have a number of new features that will help in the publishing and promotion of their apps in those stores.

Once the accounts are migrated, some of the new features in the Dev Center will include

  • Submit Windows and Windows Phone apps and games through a single submission flow – the new dashboard allows you to submit packages for all Windows devices in a single flow. You no longer need to submit apps to two separate dashboards to publish to phone, tablet and PC.
  • View and manage your linked apps as a single app with multiple packages – previously linked apps will now be managed as a single app with packages for each operating system your app targets (Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 in the future).
  • Set a publish date for your apps – set the date and time for an app or IAP to be published in the future, new for Windows Phone.

In addition, Windows Phone developers will see the number of countries and territories they can publish their apps expand from 191 to 242 markets. They will also be able to update or add in-app purchases outside of the main app publishing process. Any new app made for Windows Phone will also require that the developer set a Store age rating for the first time (this feature was already required for Windows 8.1 apps).

Microsoft says the account migration will happen in waves and is expected to be completed in July.

Source: Microsoft