Lumia 928 camera

It should be clear by now that Microsoft, Verizon and Nokia have decided that the main selling point of the Lumia 928 is its stellar PureView camera, geared especially for photos with minimal available light.

Now in a new infographic, aka those trendy collages that combine stats with bold artwork, we see in numbers just how many use their camera in such conditions. Some of the figures include noting how we spend 90% of our lives indoors, with half of that in the dark or how 52% of people take snaps of their food (presumably at dinner time).

Infographic Low Light Photography

In fact, Nokia told us last year with the Lumia 920 that low-light photography was a priority because their research revealed most people take photos after 5PM (aka work), when they go out with friends and family. In other words, low-light photography is not just some gimmick of “look at what we can do” but reflects what people really want to do with their phones (but are often hampered by limits in technology).

The infographic is hosted on the Windows Phone site and we imagine this could be used for in-store advertising as well for the Lumia 928. Either way, it’s a fun way to learn about current trends in mobile lifestyles, no?

Source: Microsoft; Thanks, Faisal A., for the tip!