Windows Phone Developers

Making apps for Windows Phone? Then you’re a developer and we’ve got some good news for you. Microsoft is slowly rolling out a redesigned certification workflow that should help you, as a developer, see reduced times for certifying a Windows Phone app. It’s been one of the most requested piece of feedback that developers have given Microsoft and it’s now being implemented. More details below.

The rollout for this new process started out a few weeks ago. It’s not immediate, but some slowly going out to all Windows Phone developers. Apps that have gone through this redesigned workflow have seen turn-around time of less than one day, some even saw just an hour of turn-around.

Certifying your apps faster isn’t all that Microsoft has done with these changes. Microsoft has also improved how certification results are delivered and presented. Instead of the PDF attachment, devs will now be sent an email notifications that contain the complete App Review results that are available in the Dev Center Dashboard. The format has been updated to make it easier to read the results.

These changes are slowly rolling out right now and Microsoft expects to get the entire Windows Phone developer community in the new workflow during time. These are just some small changes MIcorosft

Are you a Windows Phone developer? Have you already started noticing faster cert times for your apps? Sound off below!

Source: Windows Phone Dev Blog