Rudy Huyn

Rudy Huyn, who is perhaps the most well known third party creator of apps for the Windows Phone platform, stated in a new interview he is "looking forward to Windows 10" and that he has plans to make apps for the Xbox One console as well.

Huyn currently has 18 apps in the Windows Phone Store, including third party apps for services like Snapchat with the 6snap app and Instagram with 6tag. A new interview on Microsoft's website says that Huyn's app have been downloaded over 15 million times from the Windows Phone Store.

However, Huyn says Microsoft's universal app plans have already helped him in making apps that work with Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. He stated:

"I can use my application on Windows Phone and continue right where I left off on my tablet or PC. Code sharing saves me time, too; I recently launched a new universal app for a company with 82 percent shared code. We saved almost three weeks of work thanks to universal apps!"

The future of universal apps looks bright to Huyn as well. He stated: "I'm looking forward to Windows 10, which will expand the universal app code base to the Xbox platform. I'm already planning scenarios to take advantage of publishing to Xbox, and I'm so excited."

Huyn left his day job and began working in Windows app development on his own as his full time gig a year ago. He says, " ... it's easier to be successful on Windows than it is on iOS or Android." Which one of his apps do you use the most?

Source: Microsoft