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Microsoft plans to give Windows Phone app developers a simpler and cleaner interface to view their payment and financial information from the Windows Phone Dev Center starting on Friday, March 27.

Microsoft previewed how the new payment interface will look in a blog post. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are four titles on top that have the following categories:

  • Reserved – the money you earned and not yet available for payment.
  • Upcoming payment – the amount you will be paid in the next payment run.
  • Most recent payment – the amount and date of the last payment you received.
  • Total paid to date – the total amount you've been paid since your first payment.

Windows Phone Payout apps

Microsoft added:

We've added a new payment statement view to provide insight into your last payment. At the top of the statement, you'll see the total amount of your monthly payment. Immediately below, you'll see a summary of how your payment amount was calculated, followed by breakouts by market and app, and at the bottom of the statement you'll see details on any adjustments that were made, including the date, amount, and reason for the adjustment.

These changes are being piloted first for apps published in the Windows Phone Store, but they will be extended to apps in the Windows Store sometime in the near future.

Source: Microsoft