Nutrition for Windows Phone

Trying to eat healthier? Want a simple way to find the nutritional value of what you're eating? Take a look at the Windows Phone app Nutrition. Nutrition is a simple, straight forward app that will let you search and review the nutritional values.

Nutrition is laid out simple with one page to search for your favorite foods and another to list any foods you tag as favorites. Just type in the food you are searching for and from the result, pick your poison. Nutrition is powered by and will display the food items calories, serving size, fat, cholesterol, and other nutritional values.  Nutrition presents you with a healthy amount of information on what you're eating.


You can tag an item as a favorite and it will appear on the Favorites page for easy reference. There is also a link to FatSecret's website for each food item to view more information on the item.

All in all, I found Nutrition to be a basic, easy to use resource to check out the nutritional values of what's on the menu.  Some may find Nutrition lacking and I agree that recipes, pictures, diet recommendations would give Nutrition a little more bang.  But Nutrition does what it's designed to do (pull up nutritional information) well.

Nutrition is a free application for your Windows Phone that you can find here at the Marketplace.

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