Photo Timeline for Windows Phone

Photo Timeline is an interesting app that will help you keep track of not only when you took a particular photo but also map where you captured the moment.

Photo Timeline is laid out simple and straight forward. You have a Timeline page that displays your images in chronological order, a Calendar page that lays your images out on a monthly calendar, and a Map page that pinpoints where you took the photo.

Just tap on a date (or thumbnail on the calendar and map pages) to display the images from that day. The image display will show the basic EXIF (camera settings) information that includes shutter speed, aperture and resolution. Navigating around multiple images from a particular day is done by side swiping your way through the images.

Photo Timeline

Photo Timeline's settings allow you to turn on/off your location services and restrict the timeline. You have the choice to only chart photos you've captured with your Windows Phone or expand the timeline to all your image albums.

Photo Timeline is very similar to the Windows Phone app Image Map but adds a calendar listing to the mix. Image Map does offer more EXIF information on your photos but being able to view images by date can come in handy. Just remember if you're wanting to map out your images, you'll need to turn on the location services for your camera. Just go to Settings>Applications>Pictures+Camera and turn that feature on.

All in all, Photo Timeline is a nice photo utility for your Windows Phone pictures. It's not tremendously feature rich but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I wouldn't mind seeing a photo sharing feature added on down the road.

There is a free, four day trial version available for Photo Timeline and the full version will run you $1.99. You can find it all here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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