Where's It Shaking for Windows Phone

Interested in earthquakes? Where's It Shaking might be the Windows Phone app you've been looking for.

Where's It Shaking pulls data from various sources on recent seismic activity and delivers it to your Windows Phone. You can view the data that includes longitude, latitude, region and depth of the quake from a map view or chart.

Main pages for Where's It Shaking display the most recent activity, a touch navigable map view (earthquakes are pinned), a distance page showing how far the quakes are from your current location, and the app's options (which also includes a map and chart view of the data).

Where's It Shaking

Options for Where's It Shaking covers the minimum magnitude you want reported, the region you wish to monitor, how far you want to reach to monitor cities, and turning on/off your Location Services.

While the map view will flag the location of the earthquake and indicate the magnitude, you have to go into the data view to pull up more detailed information on the quake. It would have been nice to be able to tap on a flag from the map view to pull up the details. Fortunately, you can pull up the data view from the map view.

Another thing missing is notifications that would alert you of quake activity. Still, overall, Where's It Shaking isn't a bad app to keep up with all the rumblings going on around the globe.

Where's It Shaking is a free app that you can download here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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