App Studio

Nearly two weeks ago Microsoft released App Studio for Windows Phone enthusiasts and potential developers. The web tool allows users to create fairly basic apps for Windows Phone without much prior development knowledge. Today the team announced that App Studio has over 50,000 active projects alongside new features. Let’s check them out.

In the first 48 hours that App Studio was live the team saw over 30,000 projects created. That number may have slowed down since, but the team hasn’t stopped improving the service.

The team behind App Studio pushed the message that the service will be essentially built by you as you provide feedback to them. They’ve been listening to feedback and have started to implement some of the ideas from the community. Here’s what’s new with App Studio.

  • New connections to additional external data sources
  • Improved code legibility
  • New templates
  • Flickr as data source
  • Fundamental changes to App Studio to improve performance and scalability of the system

While App Studio might not appeal to legitimate developers who are already masters of the Windows Phone platform, it could be a first step for many others looking to start down the road of developing. App Studio is free and also lowers the wall for anyone wanting to sideload apps to their device.

You’ll want to head to App Studio to learn more.

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog