The latest Windows Phone campaign is taking on America's pasttime, one stadium at a time. The Windows Phone team is partnering with the two of the editors (John and Steve) from the lifestyle blog The Roosevelts for the Windows Phone Bucket List Tour.

The tour will visit eleven Major League Baseball stadiums to help spread all the goodness we know as Windows Phone. John and Steve's Windows Phone of choice is the HTC Titan II and plan on sharing apps and features on the Windows Phone as well as capturing some rather impressive panoramas using the Titan II's built in pano feature. The Tour has already visited six ball parks including Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, and Wrigley Field and has cover 37 of the 67 bucket list items.

Wrigley Field Pano by the Roosevelts

Along the way John and Steve will be tweeting from their Windows Phone. You can share your bucket list items with the Tour on Twitter @rsvlts using the #wpbaseball hashtag. You can also follow along on the Roosevelts Facebook page if Twitter isn't your cup of tea.  Who knows, maybe they'll have an impromptu "Smoked by Windows Phone" contests during the 7th Inning Stretch.

Yankee Stadium Pano by the Roosevelts

You can catch all the panorama's the duo capture here at the Roosevelts' Stadium Page and more videos of the tour here at the Windows Team Blog. It looks like a fun tour and definitely bucket list material.

I wonder if they'll make it to Turner Field and more importantly, will we see the Windows Phone Bucket List Tour t-shirts offered at the Microsoft Store?

Source: Windows Team Blog

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