Last year we had Windows Phone App Garages. This year, we've got Windows Phone Camps. Regardless of the title, these developer workshops, hosted by Microsoft, are a great resource for Windows Phone developers of all skill levels.

The all day event includes sessions on:

  • Silverlight and XNA
  • An overview of Mango features (Fast App Switching, Live Tiles, Multitasking, etc.)
  • How to make money with your Windows Phone app (ad supported vs. paid type discussion)
  • An open lab for hands-on app development
  • Q&A Session with the Experts

There are door prizes, catered lunch, and a room full of Windows Phone developers to network with. You can find a full listing of Windows Phone Camps over at the Microsoft's Events page. The events are free but seating is limited.

If your interested in developing Windows Phone apps these workshops are a valuable resource to get you on the right track. Attendees range from the beginners to the "Been there, Done that" crowd. You can share your experiences getting an app off the ground and tap into other's experiences to find an approach that may work better.

On a side note, for those in the Birmingham, Alabama area a Windows Phone Camp session has been added to the schedule. Which is great for those who can't make the Atlanta Camp.  The Birmingham Windows Phone Camp will be held on November 9, 2012 at the local Innovation Depot. You can register for the Birmingham event here and who knows, you might see me there.