Windows Phone Central at CES 2013

We are less than 48 hours away from CES 2013 officially kicking off. In the past anticipation was high for new gadgets when CES was on the horizon. However, this year is a little different for the Windows Phone camp. Last year at CES we got our first look at the Lumia 900, but this year Microsoft will have a significantly smaller presence than it has had in the past, same goes for Nokia. We also aren't really expecting new hardware Windows Phone hardware from HTC or Samsung. So what then can you look forward to?

Could Verizon finally show off the Samsung Odyssey? Maybe AT&T will pick up the ATIV S and we'll definitely get a closer look at the Ascend W1 from Huawei.

While nothing makes your tech gland salivate like a new device, we'll probably also have accessories to get most excited about (excluding a long shot by Sprint). That may sound lame, but we're looking forward to seeing more add-ons for Windows Phone, gadgets and gizmos that include wireless charging, NFC magic, headphones, speakers, etc. You can be positive that we'll sniff out anything that might appeal to you from the showroom floor.

Outside of Windows Phone, we'll bring the best toys running Windows 8 in tablet, hybrid, and ultrabook form. If we think it's something interesting you can bet it will be on Windows Phone Central. With CES lacking in bonafide Windows Phone news, what exactly do you want to see? Let us know and we'll be sure to get all the photos and news for you.

Naturally, you'll want to check out the Windows Phone Central homepage for all the latest news and gadgets or use our awesome app. Alternatively, you can follow Dan (@daniel_rubino) and I (@samsabri) on Twitter for a first person view as the days go on. Like last year, the full Mobile Nations team will be in Sin City soaking up tech news and staying out of brothels as much as possible.