With Nokia and Microsoft starting to roll out their first over-the-air OS update today, it has brought with it another significant milestone: Windows Phone Central has officially traversed the 1 million unique visitors a month threshold (and nearly 12 million with all of Mobile Nations).

Yes, dear readers, it’s all because of you. Not only are we the number #1 Windows Phone site, we’re also one of the fastest growing as we’ve doubled our monthly visitors in the last three months. Yowza!

The reasons for the explosive growth we believe is two part:

  1. We’re constantly striving to give you the best experience in news, reviews and tips
  2. This whole “Windows Phone thing” is finally starting to catch on

Indeed, if there is any indication that Windows Phone is finally breaking through as the true “third contender” it has been this site’s growth over the last year. The amount of readers is only as relevant as the number of Windows Phone users and since August, we have seen a major uptick in daily traffic.


With this momentous news, we’re going to do a site contest to celebrate! We’ll give away a brand new Windows Phone 8 device, because that’s what you’re here for, right?

Stay tuned for those details in the next few days and as the site’s editor in chief, I’d like to say thanks to all of the Windows Phone Central staff, our Mobile Nations team and of course all of you brilliant readers who come here everyday, tip us on news and participate in the best mobile OS around.