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This week in the forums we are talking about the 8107 OS update. Microsoft started rolling out their 8107 update to unlocked phones, the Lumia 710 in Spain got it, the HTC Ultimate (aka TITAN) got it, even the Venue Pro got it. Did you get it? Jump in the forums and let us know. You can pick up all the important information about what's in the update from our main page: New Windows Phone OS update rolling out. Addresses disappearing keyboard and more.

There are other updates this week as well like the Lumia 800: "Lumia 800 'battery fix' update" but there are some issues. Join us in the forums to discuss the situation: Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Update Starts Today.

8107 Update on Vzw? What is this is Big Red giving some attention to Windows Phone? New Verizon Update - Not 8107 Though ...Thats right folks NOT 8107 come join us in the forums for the full discussion also you can get the full story from our Main page: Verizon Trophy users now getting radio update

Forums member btbam91 wants to tell us "One of the very few times I've ran into another WP!" Have you seen a Windows Phone in the wild? Come tell us your story.

While we are discussing updates why not talk about Apollo Rumors and Expectations. Got any? Let us know.

Our developers have been busy again this week we have lots of new additions to check out. Who doesn't have time for new apps and games so come check out our Application and Games Spotlight forums to pick up on all the "New Goodness"! Here are a few examples of this weeks additions:

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