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Who would of thought that one of the most talked about topics of the week in the WPCentral forums would be Google? If you don't know what I am talking about check out this from our front page: Google is watching every step you take. I started this thread: "Google... It's over for me" wanting to know if I was the only one but the answer seams to be that I am not alone. What is it all about? You will just have to read the thread. Once you have absorbed all of that you might want to know how to Switch from Gmail to Hotmail in three steps. What are the advantages? This thread has some helpful information that might answer some of your questions: "Any reason to switch to a live account instead of Gmail?"

Forums member SebLC wants you to know "Metro is not just a pretty face for Microsoft" resulting in an interesting discussion about our favorite design philosophy.

We told you we have a Meta forums for announcements and we made one today "Ranking stars change", so check that out for the latest on forum rankings.

It has been a slow week for Windows Phone--call it the calm before the Mobile World Congress (MWC) storm--but that didn't slow down our developers any. We have a fresh new batch of Apps and Games in our Application and Games Spotlight Forums. Here is a sampling of what has been posted this week:

Applications Spotlight:

Games Spotlight:

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