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We heard earlier in the week that Nokia will be paying AT&T for exclusive employee use of the Lumia 900 which basically means that some lucky AT&T folks are able to get there hands on the flagship Windows Phone early. 

Our hottest thread this week is posted by forum member siriviz, who happens to be an AT&T rep and he has a Lumia 900 on hand. He started this thread "Nokia Lumia 900 (AT&T Rep)" for us and is ready and willing to answer your question about the new Nokia phone (he has also posted some nice pictures of his Cyan Lumia 900).  It seams that our forum members have a lot of questions for siriviz as this thread has already reached 7 pages and 130+ posts. If you are interested in getting a Lumia 900 there is lot of good information to be gleaned.

The WPCentral Forums are no stranger to AT&T reps stopping by as we also have another rep named mhopii who has joined our forums and started this thread: Just Got My Lumia 900. He was nice enough to post some nice pictures of his Black Lumia 900 and he too has offered to answer any questions you might have.

So hop in those threads and go satisfy your curiosity!

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