Windows Phone Photosynth Contest Winners

While some may have thought we had forgotten about the Windows Phone Central Photosynth contest, truth be told it was down right tough picking out a winner. If my count is correct, we had eighty-eight entries submitted over at the WPCentral Forums ranging from beach scenes to mountain landscapes to concerts to even a laundry mat photosynth. There were so many fantastic entries it was tough to pick just two from the lot.

But in the end, the two photosynths that stood out are....

juilev9: For her photosynth "Pool Time Fun".

srcstcmstr: For the "Dubois" landscape shot.

We've dispatched emails to both our winners and once we get their shipping information, we'll get their brand new AT&T Samsung Focus 2 headed their way. Incidentally, srcstcmstr lists the iPhone as his phone of choice so we're hoping that once the Focus 2 gets in hand, we'll have yet another convert to Windows Phone.

It's clear from all the entries that were submitted that Photosynth really increases the potential of your Windows Phone camera. The app puts a new twist on panoramas and can produce some creative, picturesque images.  If you haven't tried Photosynth out yet, it's a free app that you can download here at the Windows Phone Marketplace or just scan the QR Code below.

WPCentral would like to thank AT&T for providing the contest prizes and thank all of our readers for participating. We've got a few more contests up our sleeves so if you didn't win, stay tuned. More opportunities are just around the corner.

QR: Photosynth