It’s been awhile, but we’re ready if you are. In about 90 minutes we’ll have another podcast with Daniel Rubino, Sam Sabri and Jay Bennett. We’ll be talking Windows Phone 8.1 and Microsoft’s upcoming Build developer conference. We’ll of course highlight some of our favorite apps and answer your questions.

We’ll start the podcast around 4 PM EDT. Which means it’ll be 1PM PDT for all you in Los Angeles and Seattle. Londoners and others will be listening in at 8PM GMT.

Just head to the Time and Date website to see when the podcast will be starting in your time zone.

Have any questions or topics you want us to talk about in the podcast? Get them ready and join the chat! We’ll have the podcast up on the home page and will send out a tweet when it’s ready. See you then!

Pro tip. Tweet us any questions or topics you want discussed on the podcast.

Daniel - @daniel_rubino

Sam - @samsabri

Jay - @JayTBennett