WP Central You decided between the Lumia 810 v 820 and told us what colour Lumia

We recently ran a few polls to help us gauge what you thought of the Lumia 810 v the 820 and what Lumia 920 colour you’d be going for.

We have all had much to digest in the last month or so, new models, specs, colours and even variations on a theme. If these polls are anything to go by it looks like your choices  aren’t easy to predict. Read on to see how it breaks down.

In our first poll we asked the simple question “Which Lumia 920 colour will you likely purchase”?

Out of a total of 9,781 votes the clear winner turns out to be what many are calling Nokia’s signature colour, Cyan which grabbed 27% of the votes. Running almost neck and neck in second place are yellow and black, at around 18%, quite the surprise to see yellow featuring so strongly against the work-a-day black? Grey doesn’t look to be doing too badly either, knocking in at third place. Its just red and white that come in last, it seems lipstick red and glossy white just aren’t your bag.

WP Central 920 Colours

Our second poll asked, “Which looks better, the Lumia 810 or the 820?”

Seems that the new kid on the block, the Lumia 810 stole this one. Out of the 4,000 votes, the 810 scored a whopping 52% approval rating. The 820 isn’t too far behind at 37% so it’s not out of the game quite yet.

WP Central 810 v 820

For the most part, we now know all the options, we got Cyan back for the Lumia 920. As we barrel towards general availability we’re sure the pondering over what to get will only intensify. We’d love to know what you think of the results, shocked, predictable. Why is white and red so unpopular? If you have something you want to share with us, please do so below.