The team over at Windows Phone Hacker has reached a point in the development of Folders where the app is ready for its first release. We recently covered a quick demonstration on how the app works, as well as earlier announcements. The project was started with the single aim in cleaning up "ugly" homebrew applications in the start menu and placing them in configurable folders. Now, the public is demanding a try.

Before we begin with the steps to install and use the app, there are some requirements you need to be aware of:

  • Developer/ChevronWP7 unlocked phone.
  • Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Limitations are present as the Folders Config desktop application is required to alter folders and insert apps. These are:

  • You need a desktop every time you want to adjust your folders
  • You need to either manually add the applications (homebrew, for example) or search for them in the Marketplace.

The app is pretty much "what you saw is what you'll get" should you have viewed the quick demo, but feedback in the homebrew community has been positive and the app is still in early stages. Ready to begin organising tiles, etc.? Good stuff, head on past the break for the steps and video.

  1. Download the file from the announcement article (link to page below)
  2. Run "FoldersConfig.exe"
  3. Create a new folder
  4. Add applications into that folder
  5. Repeat until setup the way you want
  6. Connect your phone and sync it with Zune, put it on the start screen, and press Deploy
  7. An application will appear on your phone with a list of your folders. Tap on them one by one to pin them to your start screen
  8. Profit

Easy as 1, 2, 3 but with 8 steps instead. Should you require visual assistance, check out the video below.

Source: Windows Phone Hacker