Windows Phone

Microsoft still hasn't shared any valuable marketshare data about Windows Phone penetration around the world. Until then, we’ll rely on data from market research companies like Kantar, IDC and others. Today we’re looking at some new data from Kantar about Windows Phone and its growth (or lack thereof) around the globe. Find out if Windows Phone was a winner or loser in your region.

Last month we learned that Windows Phone was the fastest growing mobile operating system in Europe. Today we're learning that Windows Phone holds a 9.7% share of handsets in Europe. Let's look at marketshare for Windows Phone in various regions around out planet:

  • Gained 1.2% for new total of 5.3% in the USA
  • Gained 2.1% for new total of 7.4% in Germany
  • Gained 3.4% for new total of 10.1% in GB
  • Lost 0.3% for new total of 1.0% in China
  • Lost 0.2% for new total of 0.2% in Japan
  • Gained 4.2% for new total of 16.1% in Italy
  • Gained 3.9% for new total of 4.7% in Spain

It's interesting that Windows Phone lost marketshare in Asia, while gaining in various European markets. The data above looks at a three month period ending in February 2014. The lost/gain percentage reflects a year-over-year change. For example, a year ago the United States saw Windows Phone finish Februrary 2013 with a 4.1% marketshare. Which is why it gained 1.2% for a new total of 5.3% marketshare to end February.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel ComTech