Matchy for Windows Phone Coming Soon

Matchy is a Windows Phone game that has you matching a wide assortment of objects to it's shadow or silhouette. The game was developed by our own RogueCode during the Nokia Lumia hackathon in Durban, South AfricaMatchy is expected to hit the Windows Phone Marketplace soon and we twisted Rogue's arm for a preview of the game.

The game's objective is to rotate, spin and turn objects into position to match the shadow that sits behind the object. Matchy has four game modes; 1 minute sprint, 3 minute rush, 6 minute run and Continuous. The Continuous Mode is a little on the evil side in that you have six seconds to solve each puzzle.


Your goal with Matchy is to match as many objects to their shadows before time expires. You move your object around by swiping, touching and dragging across your Windows Phone screen to achieve the correct orientation. 

Controlling the movement of the objects is a little on the challenging side to begin with, almost frustratingly so. After a few games of Matchy, the movement controls become a little more friendlier but even then, they can be challenging. In playing Matchy, I found swiping at the screen was the quickest way to move things around. Then when you get close to moving things into place, gentle touches do the trick.

All in all, Matchy is a decent little puzzle game for your Windows Phone. The game is graphically well presented and ran stable. The only nit with Matchy is that when the game is over you will need to hit the back button to return to the main menu. It would have been nice if after a few seconds, you were sent back to the menu automatically.  Otherwise, I found Matchy to be a challenging game.

Matchy will be a free, ad supported game for your Windows Phone and should be available soon at the Marketplace.