Rapid Toss+ for Windows Phone

While there's not much to the Windows Phone game Rapid Toss+, it's still a fun game to help pass the time with. Rapid Toss+ is a paper toss game where you're called upon to send your paper wads into the trash can. To make things challenging, you have to gauge your toss against the wind.

Rapid Toss+ is from the same development group that brought us Grow and does set itself apart from other paper toss games on the Marketplace with it's features.  Rapid Toss+ offers five throwing distances/levels (level 5 is real challenging), five environments (office, moon, gravity room, winter land, and autumn land) and seventeen different backgrounds. 

Rapid Toss+

You also have two game modes with Rapid Toss+. A Classic Game where you simply try to sink as many consecutive baskets as possible. Then there is a Rapid Game where your racing against the clock to see how many baskets you can sink, as well as consecutive baskets, before the clock strikes zero.  Oh... and to add to the fun of the Rapid Game mode, your paper wads are on fire.

You toss your paper ball by flicking at the paper ball. Angle your flick to the left or right to compensate for the wind.  With the Rapid Game mode, your wind increases/decreases from one side, then switches to the opposite side of the screen.  The wind in the Classic Game changes after each toss both in speed and direction.  

Overall, Rapid Toss+ is a fun, feature rich paper toss game that is fun to play. If your looking for a challenge, try the furthest distance.  When the wind speed is high, you really need to angle your toss to let the paper wad ride the wind into the basket.

There is a free trial version available for Rapid Toss+ and the full version will run you $.99. You can find Rapid Toss+ here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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