Bonsai Golf for Windows Phone

Bonsai Golf qualifies for one of the more unusual miniature golf games for your Windows Phone. Bonsai Golf is also one of the more artistically rendered golf courses around.  The course, as you would guess, is centered around bonsai trees. You have to navigate around and through the tree's roots to get to the cup.

While Bonsai Golf is eye appealing, the game controls can be a tad frustrating. At the bottom of the screen is a directional button that you use (tap and hold) to line up your shot and set the power. A colored streak/arrow appears from your golf ball to serve as a guide. The system isn't bad but it does takes a few holes to get the hang of things.

Bonsai Golf screen shots

You can rotate each hole to get a different perspective to better line up your shots. Gaming options allow you to choose the color of your golf ball and turn on/off the sound and vibration features. Speaking of sounds, Bonsai Golf has an interesting sound effect for when you sink your ball in the cup. Reminds me of dropping a marble on a glass table top.  All of which can be a little un-nerving, much like sound of fingernails across the chalkboard can be.

All in all, I liked Bonsai Golf but still can't help but think the gaming controls could be better. I could also see some of the graphics making for nice lock screen wallpapers. Bonsai Golf is a nice game to pass the time with and if you like miniature golf games, it's worth a try. There is a free trial version of Bonsai Golf available (limited to the first four holes) to let you try before you buy.

The full version of Bonsai Golf will run you $.99 and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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