ChalkMaster for Windows Phone

ChalkMaster is a simple, yet entertaining game for your Windows Phone. Graphics are unique, game play interesting and overall ChalkMaster is nice game to pass the time with.  The chalkboard graphics are nice, game play challenging enough to prevent the game from getting boring, and with almost a hundred level there's plenty of gaming with ChalkMaster.

The game of ChalkMaster is drawn out on a chalkboard and calls for you to toss a blue chalk ball into a basket. You'll have to bounce the blue ball off walls, over obstacles, and around corners to get to the chalkboard basket.


ChalkMaster has ninety levels spanning three scenarios that, naturally, get more challenging along the way. Tossing the ball is a matter of tapping/holding the screen and moving your finger in the direction of the toss. The further you draw, the more power behind the toss.

If you miss on your first try, you can go at it again by tapping on the "Restart" bubble that will appear. When you do retry the toss, the trajectory of your previous toss will be outlined on the board.

There's really not much to ChalkMaster and that may be what makes it appealing. You could toss in a scoring system and online leaderboard but as is, ChalkMaster works. I don't see ChalkMaster being a game you'll play for hours on end but it fits those five-ten minute periods where you need something to help pass the time. And for that type of a game, you really don't need all the bells and whistles. Just a challenging, entertaining game which I found ChalkMaster to be.

ChalkMaster is a free, ad support game that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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