Finger Hell for Windows Phone

Finger Hell is a game for your Windows Phone that reminds me a little of the old board game Operation. The game where you had to remove certain body parts without touching the sides of the game board. Well... with Finger Hell instead of a surgical challenge you have to navigate your finger around a series of spinning saw blades. Touch a saw blade, an alarm sounds and your finger tip gets shredded.

Finger Hell has thirty two levels of play that progressively becomes more challenging. You have a virtual fingerprint where you place your fingertip. Then slowly and carefully maneuver your finger around the spinning blades until you reach the green arrows.

Finger Hell Screens

Make it to the green arrows and you progress to the next level. Oh and if you lift your finger from the screen, you fail the level.

For the most part, Finger Hell isn't a bad game. Graphics are nice, the challenge is there but the game itself is a little odd. Mainly with navigation.

Should you lose a fingertip, the game doesn't automatically restart the level or give you options to try the level again. You have to hit the back button to retry things. Finger Hell also lacks any means to reset the game or replay levels. The game navigation just didn't feel very user friendly.

Again, I can't say Finger Hell is a bad game but definitely one you'll want to download the trial version first. The full version runs $.99 and you can find Finger Hell here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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