Flipper is an interesting game for your Windows Phone. It's a simple game where you flip triangles to create squares to earn points. It's an easy game to pick up on but challenging enough to keep your interests up.  

Flipper's menu has options to play the game, view your high score and submit your scores to an online leaderboard. You can also customize your player name as it appears on the leaderboard.  The game really has nothing to do with Gumby but at the time, I couldn't think of any other prop to use.

Windows Phone game Flipper

The game has a series of white squares and triangles that scroll up the screen. You have one minute to flip as many triangles to create squares. When you create these squares, they disappear from the screen and you earn points. As things disappear, additional squares can be created (a chain reaction of sorts) that will earn you more points.

Each run is timed at one minute. As you build and remove squares, you add time to the timer. You can speed up or slow down the scroll speed by swiping up or down on the screen. As you collected points special squares become available that let you rotate partial squares to line up the pieces just right.

Flipper takes a little time to get used to but once you get the hang of flipping the triangles to create the squares, it's a fun game. You'll find the urge to flip squares but you need to concentrate on the triangles to build up your points. Also remember you can control the scroll speed. I wasted precious seconds waiting for a flip to come into view when I could have used the speed to get to things faster.

Flipper is a simple, fun, entertaining game for your Windows Phone. It has a slight addictive quality to it, making it a nice choice to pass the time with.  Flipper is a free game (requires Windows Phone 7.5) for your Windows Phone and you can grab it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.