Globe Trotter for Windows Phone

Globe Trotter is a Windows Phone game with a nice concept but not the best execution. Globe Trotter is a geographical trivia game that asks you to identify geographical locations on a map. Again, the concept is great but it fails in making the game challenging.

You have three gaming levels to Globe Trotter. The Amateur Level calls for you to identify a country, the Intermediate Level calls for you to find the capital city of the country, and the Expert Level directs you to identify various cities and countries.  To answer, just tap on the correct spot on the map. Each correct answer earns you points while each incorrect answer deducts points.

Globe Trotter

Now here's where the game falls short. Globe Trotter uses BING maps but does not remove the map labels. So if you are looking for Venezuela, the map clearly identifies which country is Venezuela. In a nutshell, the map gives you the answer to the trivia question.

I have no clue if you can remove the identification labels on BING maps but the labels seems to take away the challenge of learning your geography.  Maybe I'm missing something but it just doesn't seem right for a trivia game to have the answers are staring you in the face.  You do have to be in the ball park (or Continent) but  I think Globe Trotter would be a more entertaining game if the map labels could be removed and players are required to answer based on their knowledge.  Maybe have them hidden for the more difficult levels?

I liked the concept behind Globe Trotter and can easily see the game as an educational tool as well as a trivia game.  But the developer needs to find a way to make it more challenging.  Globe Trotter is a free game for your Windows Phone and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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