Mole Hit for Windows Phone

Mole Hit is advertised over at the Windows Phone Marketplace as an "amazing hit a mole game". Mole Hit isn't a shabby little game for your Windows Phone but unfortunately, it's is one of a dozen or so "whack-a-mole" styled games available on the Marketplace. It may struggle to set itself apart from the other bash-a-mole type games but I think if you give it a try, you might like what you see.

For those not familiar with the whack-a-mole concept, Mole Hit has moles pop up from underground and your job is to hit them before they retreat back into their mole hole. It's a reaction game and with Mole Hit, the game has targets you need to avoid which makes the game a little challenging.

Mole Hit has over twenty different animals to hit or not hit. For example, moles are fair game and will appear in various shades of brown, rabbits deduct points, and foxes cost you a life. Lose three lives and the game is over.

Mole Hit

Mole Hit has 48 levels that span Spring and Winter themes with decent graphics and animations. Each level is timed and your job is to whack as many moles as possible. At the end of each level you are presented with your score and the percentage of moles hit. From there you can move on to the next level or replay that level to improve your score.

Mole Hit is a decent game for your Windows Phone and not a bad way to pass a few minutes with. It's also a simple game to keep your children occupied with.

Mole Hit is a free, ad supported game that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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