Need a Windows Phone game to get you into the Holiday Spirit? Santa Racer might do the trick.

Santa Racer has you controlling Santa's sleigh that is pulled by three reindeers. You control the sleigh by tilting your Windows Phone up or down in an effort to avoid flying boulders and catch flying stars. The more stars you catch, the more points you earn. The goal is to see how many points you can rack up in a minute.

Santa Racer

Should you hit a boulder, one of your reindeers takes the hit and falls from the sky. Lose all your reindeers and the game is over. Otherwise, the game ends after your minute run is up. You can submit your score to an online leaderboard should you think your score is high enough for bragging rights.

Santa Racer isn't a game you'll sit and play for hours on end but it's a fun game for short bits of time. Graphics are nice and the music/sound effects have a slight retro feel. Almost Pac-man like.  All in all, Santa Racer was a surprisingly enjoyable game.

Santa Racer is running $.99 over at the Windows Phone Marketplace and you can find it here. It is a mango app so you'll need to be running Windows Phone 7.5.

Santa Racer