Tap2Match for Windows Phone

Tap2Match is a simple, challenging, entertaining, mildly addictive game for your Windows Phone. Tap2Match is a memory game that pits you against a grid of concealed paired images. Your job, find all the matching pairs of images as quickly as possible.

The main menu for Tap2Match has options to play the game, access the games settings, view the local leaderboard, and view the info/credits for the game.

Tap2Match's settings cover your difficulty level (easy, normal, hard), sound settings and which image group you would like to use with each difficulty level.

Image groups vary from level and includes:

  • Easy Level: Animals, Cars, Balls, Arrows
  • Normal Level: Flags, Emoticons, Symbols
  • Hard Level: Numbers, Sounds, Words

And yes...the sound groups in the hard level are audio sounds.  Fifty-four in all that you have to pair up.

Along with the variety of image (and sound) groups with each level, the grid size increases as the difficulty level increases. Easy games use 3x6 grids, normal games use 4x6 grids, and hard games use 6x9 grids.  


Game play with Tap2Match is simple but challenging enough to keep things interesting. Just tap on a question mark tile to reveal the image (or play the sound) and find which tile conceals the match. Your score is based on the number of taps it takes for you to find all the matches.

All in all, Tap2Match is a nice game that is somewhat challenging. If you think matching games are too easy, give the sound matching level a try. It can be very humbling trying to remember where each sound is hidden.

Tap2Match is a free, ad supported game for your Windows Phone and is a nice memory game for all ages. You can grab Tap2Match here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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