Who Wants 7 Millions

Who Wants 7 Millions is a "Who wants to be a Millionaire" type game for your Windows Phone. You answer a series of trivia questions in hopes of winning $7 million.

Who Wants 7 Millions follows the same format as the popular game show, just more questions. You have three guaranteed amounts after question 5 ($5,000), question 10 ($250K) and question 17 ($7M). You also have three lifelines (50/50, poll audience, phone a friend) to help you with the more challenging questions.  Who Wants 7 Millions is laid out nicely with options to play the game, access settings and view the help screens on the main page of the game. Side swipe and you can view the local high scores. 

Who Wants 7 Millions

One of the more interesting features is the speech option. When turned on, Who Wants 7 Millions will speak the question and answer choices to you. You can go a step further and the game will translate the questions for more than thirty languages using the Bing API. The only thing missing is the ability to choose your answer verbally (still have to tap the answer choice). Text wise, the game supports English, French, German, Italian and Macedonian.

Who Wants 7 Millions has over 2,000 questions in the game's database that range from the really, really, really easy to those that make you take the full fifteen seconds to think about.  Challenging enough to keep you interested but not too hard to get you frustrated.

In playing a few rounds of the game, I found Who Wants 7 Millions to be an entertaining game for your Windows Phone and a nice way to pass short periods of time with.  Oh, side note, for some reason Who Wants 7 Millions doesn't show up in the Game Hub but instead it is listed with the other apps in your launch screen.

Who Wants 7 Millions is a free, ad supported game that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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