Taptitude for Windows Phone

Here's another Windows Phone success story. Taptitude is a Windows Phone game that pulls together over fifty mini-games under one roof. The games range from Throwing Star that has you tap the screen to shoot target with shuriken stars to Bubble Booyah that is a bubble burst game. You also have shooting galleries, dig-dug styled games, fruit ninja styled games, and many, many more.

The games are challenging and have you racing the clock to earn achievements, high scores, and coins that are used to buy upgrades. The collection is vast and includes some really fun, simple games that can be rather challenging.  Add weekly updates and Taptitude has plenty of gaming time.

Taptitude Screenshots

The success story comes into play in that 4BrosStudio, the developer, is reporting that Taptitude has hit 100,000 installs and their ad revenue is closing in on the six figure mark.  Not too shabby.

Taptitude is a great game and it's nice to see another Windows Phone app being successful. Taptitude is a free, ad supported game that you can grab over here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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via: wpsauce