Justin Angel, former Microsoft Silverlight Program Manager, has downloaded all Windows Phone Marketplace XAPs and analysed them. He's then gone on to provide some insightful graphs for us all to see. He ended up with 108GB and analysed 24,505 apps, looking at Obfuscation, Silverlight vs. XNA, programming language, number of cloned apps and more.

We'll get stuck into cloned apps to begin with, which Justin reports as being around 925 of the 24,505 he took into account. These are the apps that share the same functionality as each other, such as the spam that we encountered, etc. He estimated that over 20% of the Marketplace is the same app published more than once. This leaves just 18,549 apps in the Marketplace that are unique. Check out the chart after the break for a visual representation.

Let's not automatically assume that all the cloned apps are useless spam however. Some may include books (or magazines), DIY apps, lite/trial/free apps and more. The books category for Windows Phone is at 15%, which is pretty much identical to that of iOS.

The last interesting evaluation that remains is who contributes the most in terms of publishers. Out of the top 2,000 "popular" apps on the Marketplace, 75% of them are developed and submitted by smaller/micro publishers. Check the pie below.

For more graphs and further, in-depth detail head on over to Justin's website for more goodies.

Source: Justin Angel