Photo app Memento Pro

Lots of app updates including our fave, Memento Pro

Over the last few weeks the Windows Phone Marketplace has had some minor issues, including pushing out updates for apps in timely manner. In fact, we’ve heard from a few developers that their updates have been delayed due to a backlog in the approval process.

So it’s perhaps of little wonder then that this morning we awoke to see a mini-flood of app update notifications on our phone and from what you, our audience, have reported to us.

Since there are so many, we figured we would wrap up the ones we know of (or at least for apps we use and approve at Windows Phone Central).

  • Ask Ziggy (v2.8) - Bug fixes, App sharing feature, Edit the speech bubble when in situations you want to avoid using voice. Link.
  • BBC News Mobile (v3.7) – Improved article reading. Link.
  • glƏƏk! (v1.12) – New “Tweet Clouds” feature that users can create within the app. We’ve also heard that this app may go free again, pending silly Marketplace delays. Regardless, we’ve been tipped that if you used the Magic Hashtag #switchtolumia it will unlock the app for Free right now. Link.
  • LevelUp ( – Not specified (bug fixes?). Link.
  • Memento Pro (v1.5) - Two new filters (Brighton, Crossit), supports cropping, 4 new resolutions, crash fixes. Link.
  • Microsoft Store AppNew logo and updated design. Link.
  • Twabbit (v1.2.6.0) - Landscape support, Inline Images, Streaming. Link.

For us, the most welcomed changes are with Memento Pro—one of our favorite photo manipulation apps. Memento has some of the nicest filters we’ve used with an excellent UI design. The update clearly addresses some of our requests to the developer as we think this app has a ton of potential. With the ability to choose the crop region, quality of the image saved and new filters, it’s well on its way.

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GlƏƏk tweet cloud feature

The new Tweet Cloud feature in glƏƏk!

We haven’t given Twabbit, a relatively new Twitter app, its fair shake around here—partly because it was missing landscape support (which we consider a top priority for Twitter clients). Now with version, that feature is finally added and we really like this app now. We’ll have more later on next week.

Fan favorite glƏƏk! received a new new Tweet Cloud feature (seen above). Surely that bonus will make fans even more happy, Used the Magic Hashtag to get the $1.99 app for free...booya.

The other app updates are mostly app fixes and minor improvements, so while not as exciting, it’s still great to see.


Thanks, Barry, Aron, Mark and others for the tips!